Remus John Lupin (tamed_wolf) wrote in impero_rpg,
Remus John Lupin

Who: Remus and Open
Where: Corridor just outside of the History of Magic classroom
When: Late Afternoon

Another end to yet another boring day filled with classes. Remus frowned vaguely as he fled the classroom with the rest of the students. Everything had gone suddenly repetitive. Nothing new ever happened and rarely did he talk to anyone nowadays. He had blatantly ignored Regulus' invitation to a surprise party for Hestia. He felt only a little guilty about it, but he highly doubted he'd enjoy forced time together with that prat.

He had an overly-stuffed bag slung over his shoulder and had had to resort to carrying his History of Magic book. Everyone around him was moving quickly, eager to get rid of their school things so they could do what they pleased.

"Bloody hell..."

It was inevitable to happen, but Remus had hoped it wouldn't. Too many people in a small corridor and him already off balance didn't bode well. His bag had fallen onto the ground and he watched helplessly as a couple of his books were trampled. His ink bottle had spilled over his bag, and he took out his wand to clean it. Glancing around himself in a hopeless sort of way, he decided to wait until most of the crowd had thinned to grab the rest of his things.
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