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Yay for drama

Who: Meda, Evie, Sirius, Antonin and Teddy
Where: Hospital Weng, bed in the corner surrounded by a partition.
When: 2pm

Andromeda walked into the Hospital wing in a blood red shirt and black leggings. The shirt said, "Fuck Me I'm a Witch" she ha don no makeup and looked nervously around the room. Seeing the partion set up where Evie told her it would be she walked over to it and stepped behind it.

"Andromeda, you're on time." Evie smiled at her and patted the bed, indicating Meda should sit down, "take off your pants and undergarments and lay back."

Andromeda bit her lip and smiled at Evie knwing that she was in good hands, at least for the initial exams. She stripped and hopped up on the bed, Evie drew a soft yellow blanket around her waist and took out her wand, muttering a spell as waved it over Andromeda's body.

"Well all your vital signs are good." She muttutred flicking her wand and sending text and numbers scrawling across the air, "are they coming?" she leaned down and touched Meda's arm.

"I don't know," Andromeda swallowed, forcing the tears away from her eyes, "but if they don't it's all my fault isn't it." She said bitterly.

"No one can blaime them for walking away." Evie nodded.

"Nope, I laid my bed and now I must lie in it..." She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, "Let's get started."
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