Gilderoy Lockhart (glorieux_blond) wrote in impero_rpg,
Gilderoy Lockhart

Who: Gilderoy, OPEN
Where: the library
When: Now (Tuesday evening, I guess?)

Not only was Gilderoy Lockhart a total failure when it came to spells and charms, he was also terrible at doing homework – whenever he even got himself to do them. He had no problem with writing essays, no, it was just that he rarely paid enough attention in class to have the needed info nor ever found what he need in the books the library offered.

Latter was the case that evening, as after an exhausting hour in the school’s library Gilderoy got up from his seat at one of the various tables. Picking up the heavy history book from the table, he quickly made his way over to the bookshelf said book had originated from and lazily stuffed it in between the others book – only to hear a loud ’thumb’ behind him as soon as he had turned around to leave. Glancing over his shoulder, the Blond discovered to his annoyance that along with the history book some other books had fallen from the shelves.

He sighed. Great, now he had to sort the books back onto the bookcase by hand, because with his luck, trying a spell to put them back in order would probably result in the whole bookshelf crashing down on him.

Gilderoy shook his head. That certainly wasn't how he had imagined spending Valentine's day; alone, sorting books in the library.
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