Alice. (dulcetwonder) wrote in impero_rpg,

What now?

Who: James, Sirius
Where: Somewhere between the Heads Dorm and Gryffindor Tower
When: NOW! Saturday. =)

Pulling a hand through his hair, James got off of his bed, and slipped into his shoes. It was very imperative that he talked to Sirius. Before things got much more serious with Lily. He had to make sure that Sirius was.. okay. James knew that Sirius had spoken to Lily. She had said as much. But he didn't know why. James would have figured this as a prime opportunity for Sirius to keep him all to himself. James almost thought it was going to end up that way too.

Until Sirius spoke with Lily.

Confused, James set out from his room and dorm, casting a nervous glance towards Lily's room. He didn't know what was going to happen. But he was going to make sure that it wasn't something he would regret later.

They were just going to talk, was all. That's all. James felt a sort of emptiness in his stomach as he traversed the halls towards Gryffindor Tower where he expected Sirius to be.
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