Dorcas Meadows (shes_a_dorcas) wrote in impero_rpg,
Dorcas Meadows

Who: Remus, Dorcas
Where: The Great Hall, then Kitchens
When: Friday, a few hours after dinner

After running upstairs to quickly place her journal under her pillow, Dorcas made her way down to the Great Hall to meet Remus. She was feeling rather hungry now, with all that desert talk. Dinner hadn't really been the most appetizing thing in the world, so she hadn't done much eating before making her way back to Gryffindor Tower.

When she came to a stop in front of the deserted Great Hall, Dorcas took a minute to consider the time. She hadn't stopped to glance at the clock when she had left. Was it past curfew already? Hearing footsteps at the other end of the corridor, she hoped it was Remus and not Filch.
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