beauty_cissy (beauty_cissy) wrote in impero_rpg,

Hot Chocolate, biscuits, and Cissy. Who wants to join in?

Who: Narcissa, OPEN
Where: The Great Hall, Slytherin table
When: Friday afternoon, after classes

If being sick was terrible, coming back to classes after being sick was murder.

This was the first time in days Narcissa truly felt she could sit, breathe, and enjoy her life for a few moments. While she didn't look dishevled, with no trace of dark undereye circles or a hair out of place, she certainly felt it. Normally she wouldn't resort to an overdose of sugary things, especially in the wintertime, but drastic times called for drastic measures.

And she'd lost touch with Bella and Regulus while being treated for her illnesses. That simply made everything worse.

Reaching for another biscuit, this one a plain sugar with sugar crystals on top, Narcissa tried to concentrate on the last five chapters of Transfiguration she'd missed, but it was hopeless. There was simply too much material for her to learn in a short amount of time, and the mixture of buttery sugar and warm liquid chocolate provided a good distraction. All she needed now was some company to make sure she wouldn't concentrate at all.
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