Alice. (dulcetwonder) wrote in impero_rpg,

I miss you

Who: James, Lily
Where: Their Common Room
When: February 5th, Sunday

James was feeling nervous. So very nervous. Lily said she missed him. Would she.. would she take him back? James would give anything to be able to hold her in his arms. He had felt so empty lately. So very empty. He just wanted to hold her, and kiss her, and make everything better. But how? He didn't know how. He didn't know how to fix this. How to make it better.

He hadn't spoken to anyone hardly in a month. He'd been off in his own little world of self pity. He wasn't doing his homework, and he was barely eating. James was sure he'd be carted off to the Hospital Wing soon, either because he'd finally gone insane, or passed out. Sometimes he could see Sirius hovering in the edge of his vision, but he generally turned his head, and continued to stare blankly.

Sirius. It broke James's heart to think about his best mate. His former lover. Former. They hadn't been together since.. since before Lily visited before Christmas. Merlin, had it been so long? James could recall every caress near pefectly. If he just closed his eyes, he could bring it all back to memory. But he couldn't. That was the reason that everything was all wrong. Wrong. Everything was wrong. He and Lily.. she broke up with him.

James's eye twitched as he stepped out of his room. He'd become something of a recluse lately, staying in there, accomponied only by Captain Snuggles, General Stompy and occassionally Princess Sassypants. Lily wasn't there yet. James let out a breath, and fell into a chair. He closed his eyes, and nervously fisted his hands in the material of his pants. He wasn't sure what was going to go on here at all. He would just be happy being able to see her. Lily. His love.

He loved Lily. And.. and Sirius would understand.
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