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Wednesday, 07.26.06 @ 10:54pm

Owl to HestiaCollapse )
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Party Time [
Wednesday, 07.26.06 @ 9:53pm

When: July 26th Night
Where: Slughorn's Classroom
Who: Everyone
Why: Hestia's birthday Part

Regulus smiled at the turn out as he placed up the last golden decoration, mostly they were younger classmen, one's who adored his girl, and why not she was good to everyone.

Regulus looked at his watch, Evie should be arriving sometime soon and she had promised to bring Fabian, he hoped Marly would come, but since everyone seemed to loathe him he didn't expect it.

Regulus knew Meda was coming she'd promised too, even..pregnant...she was coming...Regulus' heart ached breiefly. Hestia would pretend to be surprised but she'd known for day, Reggie couldn't keep a secret, not from her.

His eyes hardened as he thought about the eve before. Remus really wasn't going to show up and Regulus was fuming. She was going to cry..She'd told him she was fine but when he saw her this morning she'd looked pale..The bastard hadn't even sent her a gift or anything.

Regulus felt in his pocket for her present as he stood in the middle of the room and took a deep breath.

"Okay everyone when she shows up..oh well you all know what to do."
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Wednesday, 07.26.06 @ 6:04pm

Who: Remus and Open
Where: Corridor just outside of the History of Magic classroom
When: Late Afternoon

Another end to yet another boring day filled with classes. Remus frowned vaguely as he fled the classroom with the rest of the students. Everything had gone suddenly repetitive. Nothing new ever happened and rarely did he talk to anyone nowadays. He had blatantly ignored Regulus' invitation to a surprise party for Hestia. He felt only a little guilty about it, but he highly doubted he'd enjoy forced time together with that prat.

He had an overly-stuffed bag slung over his shoulder and had had to resort to carrying his History of Magic book. Everyone around him was moving quickly, eager to get rid of their school things so they could do what they pleased.

"Bloody hell..."

It was inevitable to happen, but Remus had hoped it wouldn't. Too many people in a small corridor and him already off balance didn't bode well. His bag had fallen onto the ground and he watched helplessly as a couple of his books were trampled. His ink bottle had spilled over his bag, and he took out his wand to clean it. Glancing around himself in a hopeless sort of way, he decided to wait until most of the crowd had thinned to grab the rest of his things.
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Saturday, 07.22.06 @ 6:43pm

Who: Anyone
Where: By the frozen lake
When: Early morning

Barty Crouch, JR could not sleep, and at the first sign of daylight he left the castle. The morning air was cold and he could see his breath, but it did not stop the young slytherin.

He walked without destination, but ended up next to the frozen lake. He touched the ice with his foot, testing to see how frozen it was. He walked along the shoreline, listening to the winter birds sing.
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Yay for drama [
Tuesday, 07.18.06 @ 11:32am

[ mood | nauseated ]

Who: Meda, Evie, Sirius, Antonin and Teddy
Where: Hospital Weng, bed in the corner surrounded by a partition.
When: 2pm

Andromeda walked into the Hospital wing in a blood red shirt and black leggings. The shirt said, "Fuck Me I'm a Witch" she ha don no makeup and looked nervously around the room. Seeing the partion set up where Evie told her it would be she walked over to it and stepped behind it.

"Andromeda, you're on time." Evie smiled at her and patted the bed, indicating Meda should sit down, "take off your pants and undergarments and lay back."

Andromeda bit her lip and smiled at Evie knwing that she was in good hands, at least for the initial exams. She stripped and hopped up on the bed, Evie drew a soft yellow blanket around her waist and took out her wand, muttering a spell as waved it over Andromeda's body.

"Well all your vital signs are good." She muttutred flicking her wand and sending text and numbers scrawling across the air, "are they coming?" she leaned down and touched Meda's arm.

"I don't know," Andromeda swallowed, forcing the tears away from her eyes, "but if they don't it's all my fault isn't it." She said bitterly.

"No one can blaime them for walking away." Evie nodded.

"Nope, I laid my bed and now I must lie in it..." She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, "Let's get started."

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Tuesday, 07.18.06 @ 11:12am

[ mood | crappy ]

Meda's hand trembled as she scrawled out the three owls. She had no idea if any of them would come, but they all had a right to be there, didn't they? She tied the notes to her Owl and whispered words of encouragment to her before sending her off. She passed a hand over her stomach and closed her mouth as a wave of dizziness washed over her. Turning she began the long and quiet walk back to her dorm.

Owl to TedCollapse )

Owl to AntoninCollapse )

Owl to SiriCollapse )

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Friday, 07.14.06 @ 1:28pm

Owl to Bellatrix BlackCollapse )
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Backdated to Valentines Day [
Thursday, 07.13.06 @ 5:25pm

Owl to Lily EvansCollapse )
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Owl [
Wednesday, 07.12.06 @ 7:00pm

[ mood | crappy ]

Owl to Professor DumbledoreCollapse )

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Oh No [
Wednesday, 07.12.06 @ 6:47pm

[ mood | sick ]

((ooc I told Renee to write the meeting between Andromeda and Teddy so here it is because I know you're all wondering.))

Who: Ted and Meda
Rating: PG-13
Where: Moaning Myrtles Bathroom
Why: you know why
When: Early morning

Read more...Collapse )

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Wednesday, 07.12.06 @ 12:51am

Open to Cissa and any other Slytherin that comes in.
When: End of Valentines Day

Bartemius sat in the common room wearing a nicely pressed and cleaned outfit. Nothing special, but he had promised Cissa he would meet her in the common room and offer her at least a nice end to the Valentines day.

He had in his hand a dozen white roses. He heard somewhere that roses meant purity and friendship. As he had no other intentions to the girl who was in his opinion far out of his leauge.

He waited watching the flames dance in the fireplace.
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Tuesday, 07.11.06 @ 4:14pm

Who: Fabian, Open
Where: Empty corridor
When: Tuesday (Looking at the calendar...I'd say it's Valentine's Day!) Evening

Fabian had had a rather dull Valentine's Day so far. The teachers had barely acknowledged it, but some did seem to let up on the homework. Some. Nonetheless, he was feeling fairly cheerful.

After visiting the owlery to send a letter to his parents, he was at a lost as to what to do. He hadn't seen many people in a while, a long while at that, and he didn't really know where anyone was anymore.

The corridor he was in was empty, and rather dark. It didn't really dampen his good spirits, so he quickened his pace as he thought about what to do. He wasn't paying much attention and as he rounded a corner, he collided, causing a loud thud, with someone else.
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Tuesday, 07.11.06 @ 5:36pm

Who: Gilderoy, OPEN
Where: the library
When: Now (Tuesday evening, I guess?)

Not only was Gilderoy Lockhart a total failure when it came to spells and charms, he was also terrible at doing homework – whenever he even got himself to do them. He had no problem with writing essays, no, it was just that he rarely paid enough attention in class to have the needed info nor ever found what he need in the books the library offered.

Latter was the case that evening, as after an exhausting hour in the school’s library Gilderoy got up from his seat at one of the various tables. Picking up the heavy history book from the table, he quickly made his way over to the bookshelf said book had originated from and lazily stuffed it in between the others book – only to hear a loud ’thumb’ behind him as soon as he had turned around to leave. Glancing over his shoulder, the Blond discovered to his annoyance that along with the history book some other books had fallen from the shelves.

He sighed. Great, now he had to sort the books back onto the bookcase by hand, because with his luck, trying a spell to put them back in order would probably result in the whole bookshelf crashing down on him.

Gilderoy shook his head. That certainly wasn't how he had imagined spending Valentine's day; alone, sorting books in the library.
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What now? [
Saturday, 07.08.06 @ 2:33pm

Who: James, Sirius
Where: Somewhere between the Heads Dorm and Gryffindor Tower
When: NOW! Saturday. =)

Pulling a hand through his hair, James got off of his bed, and slipped into his shoes. It was very imperative that he talked to Sirius. Before things got much more serious with Lily. He had to make sure that Sirius was.. okay. James knew that Sirius had spoken to Lily. She had said as much. But he didn't know why. James would have figured this as a prime opportunity for Sirius to keep him all to himself. James almost thought it was going to end up that way too.

Until Sirius spoke with Lily.

Confused, James set out from his room and dorm, casting a nervous glance towards Lily's room. He didn't know what was going to happen. But he was going to make sure that it wasn't something he would regret later.

They were just going to talk, was all. That's all. James felt a sort of emptiness in his stomach as he traversed the halls towards Gryffindor Tower where he expected Sirius to be.
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Friday, 07.07.06 @ 4:19pm

Who: Remus, Dorcas
Where: The Great Hall, then Kitchens
When: Friday, a few hours after dinner

After running upstairs to quickly place her journal under her pillow, Dorcas made her way down to the Great Hall to meet Remus. She was feeling rather hungry now, with all that desert talk. Dinner hadn't really been the most appetizing thing in the world, so she hadn't done much eating before making her way back to Gryffindor Tower.

When she came to a stop in front of the deserted Great Hall, Dorcas took a minute to consider the time. She hadn't stopped to glance at the clock when she had left. Was it past curfew already? Hearing footsteps at the other end of the corridor, she hoped it was Remus and not Filch.
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Hot Chocolate, biscuits, and Cissy. Who wants to join in? [
Thursday, 07.06.06 @ 2:11pm

Who: Narcissa, OPEN
Where: The Great Hall, Slytherin table
When: Friday afternoon, after classes

If being sick was terrible, coming back to classes after being sick was murder.

This was the first time in days Narcissa truly felt she could sit, breathe, and enjoy her life for a few moments. While she didn't look dishevled, with no trace of dark undereye circles or a hair out of place, she certainly felt it. Normally she wouldn't resort to an overdose of sugary things, especially in the wintertime, but drastic times called for drastic measures.

And she'd lost touch with Bella and Regulus while being treated for her illnesses. That simply made everything worse.

Reaching for another biscuit, this one a plain sugar with sugar crystals on top, Narcissa tried to concentrate on the last five chapters of Transfiguration she'd missed, but it was hopeless. There was simply too much material for her to learn in a short amount of time, and the mixture of buttery sugar and warm liquid chocolate provided a good distraction. All she needed now was some company to make sure she wouldn't concentrate at all.
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Monday, 07.03.06 @ 7:22pm

Who: Remus, Hestia, Open
Where: Outside by the lake
When: Evening, After Dinner

Remus stood, facing the lake. There was a thin layer of ice formed, but he noticed there were several punctured spots. Evidently the giant squid didn't like ice.

Slipping his hands into the pockets of his cloak, he wished vaguely that it wasn't snowing. The white flakes were distracting. It was nice enough out to be comfortable, but at the moment he preferred the fireplace in the common room. However, the privacy suited him.

The few people outside were far away. He could only catch small fractions of conversations. He hoped Hestia would hurry along, he wanted to get this over with and head back inside.
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Sunday, 07.02.06 @ 8:54pm

Who: Bartemius and open
Where: Library
When: Afternoonish

Bartemius sat alone at a table in the library, his eyes focused on the note he held in his hand. It was from his mum, nad came with a package that containted sugar quills and a new robe. The letter said...

"Your father said you both had a wonderful time in Diagon Alley, and while there he said you liked this robe. I wanted to thank you again for spending that time with your father, it meant more to him then you would believe.

Love you,


He sighed into his arm when he laid his head down, crumpling the note in his hands.
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I miss you [
Sunday, 07.02.06 @ 4:02pm

Who: James, Lily
Where: Their Common Room
When: February 5th, Sunday

James was feeling nervous. So very nervous. Lily said she missed him. Would she.. would she take him back? James would give anything to be able to hold her in his arms. He had felt so empty lately. So very empty. He just wanted to hold her, and kiss her, and make everything better. But how? He didn't know how. He didn't know how to fix this. How to make it better.

He hadn't spoken to anyone hardly in a month. He'd been off in his own little world of self pity. He wasn't doing his homework, and he was barely eating. James was sure he'd be carted off to the Hospital Wing soon, either because he'd finally gone insane, or passed out. Sometimes he could see Sirius hovering in the edge of his vision, but he generally turned his head, and continued to stare blankly.

Sirius. It broke James's heart to think about his best mate. His former lover. Former. They hadn't been together since.. since before Lily visited before Christmas. Merlin, had it been so long? James could recall every caress near pefectly. If he just closed his eyes, he could bring it all back to memory. But he couldn't. That was the reason that everything was all wrong. Wrong. Everything was wrong. He and Lily.. she broke up with him.

James's eye twitched as he stepped out of his room. He'd become something of a recluse lately, staying in there, accomponied only by Captain Snuggles, General Stompy and occassionally Princess Sassypants. Lily wasn't there yet. James let out a breath, and fell into a chair. He closed his eyes, and nervously fisted his hands in the material of his pants. He wasn't sure what was going to go on here at all. He would just be happy being able to see her. Lily. His love.

He loved Lily. And.. and Sirius would understand.
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Sunday, 07.02.06 @ 12:27am

Who: Antonin and Andromeda
Where: Empty classroom.

Antonin came into the classroom and closed the door behind him. He had been avoiding Andromeda since they had come back from the Christmas holidays. And not because he didn't want to see her. He missed her terribly, but he knew what would happen when they were together and he was trying not to do that again. He always felt so guilty afterwards that he thought everybody could read it on his face. He had hoped the school break would help him to make up his mind about the whole thing, but no. He was still confused as hell.

He sighed impatiently and sat on a quite dusty chair, waiting. Maybe talking with her could help to see things clearer.
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