Regulus Black (a_hue_of_black) wrote in impero_rpg,
Regulus Black

Party Time

When: July 26th Night
Where: Slughorn's Classroom
Who: Everyone
Why: Hestia's birthday Part

Regulus smiled at the turn out as he placed up the last golden decoration, mostly they were younger classmen, one's who adored his girl, and why not she was good to everyone.

Regulus looked at his watch, Evie should be arriving sometime soon and she had promised to bring Fabian, he hoped Marly would come, but since everyone seemed to loathe him he didn't expect it.

Regulus knew Meda was coming she'd promised too, even..pregnant...she was coming...Regulus' heart ached breiefly. Hestia would pretend to be surprised but she'd known for day, Reggie couldn't keep a secret, not from her.

His eyes hardened as he thought about the eve before. Remus really wasn't going to show up and Regulus was fuming. She was going to cry..She'd told him she was fine but when he saw her this morning she'd looked pale..The bastard hadn't even sent her a gift or anything.

Regulus felt in his pocket for her present as he stood in the middle of the room and took a deep breath.

"Okay everyone when she shows up..oh well you all know what to do."
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