Fabian Prewett (fab_fabian) wrote in impero_rpg,
Fabian Prewett

Who: Fabian, Open
Where: Empty corridor
When: Tuesday (Looking at the calendar...I'd say it's Valentine's Day!) Evening

Fabian had had a rather dull Valentine's Day so far. The teachers had barely acknowledged it, but some did seem to let up on the homework. Some. Nonetheless, he was feeling fairly cheerful.

After visiting the owlery to send a letter to his parents, he was at a lost as to what to do. He hadn't seen many people in a while, a long while at that, and he didn't really know where anyone was anymore.

The corridor he was in was empty, and rather dark. It didn't really dampen his good spirits, so he quickened his pace as he thought about what to do. He wasn't paying much attention and as he rounded a corner, he collided, causing a loud thud, with someone else.
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